Dual boot Windows XP and Windows 8

By tonylukac
Mar 22, 2013
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  1. Is it possible to dual boot win 8 with xp? It was possible with the preview, but seems impossible with the actual version. I've tried various workarounds and get something like missing file ntldr, error code 0xc000000f. Had it working with vista/xp. Tried reinstalling xp, then repairing with the win 8 dvd. Repairing xp with the 8 dvd says its an upsupported option, and the fixmbr fixboot senario would corrupt the bcd.
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    Thanks. Got it working tho by copying boot.ini and ntldr to the partition windows xp was installed on. Found them on the first partition.
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    Changed it. You had to specify the C: (first) partition for bcdedit booting xp even tho it is in the third partiton. Xp's ntldr officially resides in the C: partition with vista. I changed bcdedit so the windows updates will maintain the proper code. The bad thing about microsoft deciding to do it this way is what if vista had a ntldr program also? Linux kind of works this way too if you use bcdedit and not lilo/grub. It actually boots a linux module residing on an ntfs partition.

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