Dual core processor problem

I'm having a problem with my laptop, it seems to have a massive drop in performance. I have a AMD Athlon II M300 (2.0Ghz, 1MB L2 Cache) dual core processor. After noticing the lack of performance I checked my windows base score (crude I know) and the score has reduced from 5.7 to 2.9 (it's pretty much halved) The laptop struggles to do medium powered applications and I'm thinking one of the cores has went down (is this even possible?) I've tried using cpu checkers and the speed what comes back is 2.01 ghz, is this right for a dual core, I'm not really sure how it works. Also this test was done directly after a clean install of windows. Any help and advice would be appreciated, thanks. James
Hi Thanks yeah I have checked the power settings and they are set to performance. I just find it strange as I have not changed anything, if a processor goes down will the laptop still run?


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Yeah, Windows can run on a single core. But that's not your issue, as you have a dual-core chip.

Post a screenshot of your Windows Experience Index scores, and tell us which one in particular was reduced.
I thought so, I also thought if there was a problem with the processor I would get some errors. Here is the screen shot, as you can see the processor is very low, it was between 5 and 6 (I can't remember exactly) before I noticed the performance problems.


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Launch Taskmgr

the Performance Tab will show ALL cores.

Now run some applications and typically at least two will show something and if you run a few apps, then they all can get busy.
Thanks Jobeard, I just checked and both cores are operating (phew), So what do you think could be causing the performance drop? And I have just installed a clean copy of windows yesterday. I'm currently defragging, see if that helps.


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Download: CPU-Z, Speedfan, Realtemp, Prime95.

Show us screenshots of CPU-Z, and Speedfan/Realtemp while idle. Cautiously load up Prime95 to stress your system, then post temps.

I think you may have overheating CPU, which is throttled a lot.


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Since this is a new install, check if you have ALSO updated/installed latest graphics driver pack for your Athlon computer.
recheck what makes your 'windows base score' low as this will give you an idea where to begin.


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F2 setup in BIOS don't say which model this is? I P300 runs at 2.0GHz but my WEI is low also, rebuild the system now it fast again. Have you check the system out for a complete clean out. Sub system, files and hdd status. CPU also could be either overheating or started to fail If you have done everything. Also check to make sure the CPU is getting cooled and there is no dirt/dust in the fan area.
Ok here is the screen shot I dont know how to use prime 95 and real temp is not compatible with my processor, this is on idle


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Since this is a new install, check if you have ALSO updated/installed latest graphics driver pack for your Athlon computer.
recheck what makes your 'windows base score' low as this will give you an idea where to begin.

I had this problem before the install, which is one of the reason's I reinstalled windows. :(


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Your screenshot shows your CPU (and in general, whole laptop) severely overheating. Are your fans not running loud?

It's time to either clean it yourself, or take it to a shop and get it cleaned out. Perhaps also purchase a laptop cooling mat (with fan).

Stop using the laptop ASAP, as you're very close to damaging it.

OR.. your screenshot actually shows 100% load. Which is it?
Great!! The laptop does get quite hot but I never really notice as its always on a desk. In the screen shot it shows 100% load, all I did was open the snipping tool to take a screen shot, is this normal? Is the processor overworking? And also the fans in the screenshot say zero rpm, I can hear a whirring but it's not very loud, do you think the fan is working? I tried to clean the fan, I took half the laptop to bits but couldn't get to the fan, I think I would have to take it completely to bit (motherboard out) to get to it. Is there a way of fixing this?


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The fan is usually pretty hard to get at, but it's possible. Google around for some guides.

Also, if you find that the fan is choked full of dust, it might be a good time to reinstall Windows from scratch to get a nice smooth 'reset'.
Thanks for all your help guys, I took the fan out and it was clogged solid, just waiting for some thermal paste to put it back together. I would never of thought of overheating so my hat goes off to you all, thanks again.
A lot better :) The temp does creep up sometimes but I can live with it. I also have a cooling mat on the way too.Capture5.JPG

4 Years worth of dust, I even cleaned a huge clump off before the photo