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Sep 2, 2006
  1. my beloved a64 box has stood by me for 3 years, but now i have to use serious software for school (video editing, flash, photoshop, autodesk) so i need a stronger machine... i still need to figure out the specs ill need but i have one main question at this point, KVM switches.

    right now (in the a64) i have a radeon 9800 256 pushing 2 monitors at 1280*1024 and a kvm switch that allows one monitor, the keyboard and mouse to click to my linux box when i hit scroll lock twice fast. is there a such switch that could switch BOTH monitors and keyboard and mouse AND sound between my a64 box and future dual core intel? (or whatever you guys recomend lol)
  2. F1N3ST

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    You could get a better AMD processor if it is a socket 939 and then there would be no need for a new motherboard, a Skt 939 Athlon X2 would be good, if you dont wanna upgrade ur mobo.
  3. onesmartidiot

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    nope i have a socket 754, the best i think this thing will hold is a 4300 or fx 51... i built it so long ago i forgot all my research :p

    i deffinatly need ddr2 800 mhz memory and about 8 gigs of it (is that possible?) but what makes or breaks the building of a new computer would be if a such kvm switch exists. i basically need the same "iogear switch" only with 2 sets of 2 video imputs and one set of 2 out puts, keyboard and mouse (sound would be nice)

    i cant find one on newegg so thats why i wonder if they even exist.
  4. korrupt

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    They should exsist yes. As for the 8gb's of RAM, yes it is possible yet I highly doubt if you'll ever use over 1gb of it unless you are using EXTREME rendering programs etc.


  5. onesmartidiot

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    i found some iogear kvm switches for dual monitors, their tech support will tell me if theres a dvi version. and my current a64 box has 3 gigs of ddr400, adobe premeier and 3dstudio max boggs this baby down. so ill deffinatly get 8 if i can lol

    thanks for the help!
  6. korrupt

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    If you get ddrII 800mhz, then you should only need 2gb's. If you wanna be sure get 4gb and spend the rest of the money on getting a better video card or something.


  7. F1N3ST

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    It bogs it down becuz of CPU power and not RAM, i have 768MB and have never even used 500mb of it, and i render in 3ds and model and stuff.
  8. Didou

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    There are plenty of dual-dvi kvm switches out there. On newegg for example there's THIS ONE & THAT ONE.
  9. onesmartidiot

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    cpu power?
    im guessing you have a celeron d 2.9ghz 32 bit, how could you render with that no problem and i get slower results with my amd 64 bit 2.0ghz with 800mhz fsb? i was told when i built my machine that 64 was more powerful than 32, whats your trick?
  10. MetalX

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    Try reformatting. If you don't do it every once in a while it really affects your system speed.
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