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By squallheart
Jul 11, 2007
  1. This is very odd. Nero wasnt working for a while and kept shutting down so i decided to uninstall and use neros clean tool. After i restarted my pc and pinaccle said my drivers were wrong and if i wanted it to fix it so i said ok and anydvd also messed up so i had to reinstal note it messed up after neros uninstall. Anyway, since then when i go to my computer and view my list of drives and such my dvd burner is sometimes becomes labeled cd drive . When i insert a DVD to play it or check it it doesnt want to load and when i go into my computer and open the F drive (my burner drive) it says its empty :/ i dont know what happend it used to work fine before it burns dvd fines though but doesnt read them can someone help on the proper steps i can take to fix these issues i have a Nec ND 3550A
  2. mailpup

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    I would try going to the Device Manager and uninstall the Controller to which the DVD writer is connected, restart the PC and let Windows detect the "new" hardware and reinstall it automatically. So, in Control Panel go to System, then find Device Manager, then go to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Uninstall the controller that is the DVD burner is connected to and restart.
  3. squallheart

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    ok so basically just go to device manage and go to the dvd list and right click where it says nec (which is messing up) and uninstall it then restart right?
  4. mailpup

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    Not exactly. I'm suggesting you go to the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and uninstall that. That is, not just the optical drive but the controller (on the motherboard) to which the optical drive is connected. It could be the Primary or Secondary. It just depends on which one the DVD drive is connected to.
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