DVD Burning problem

By jmiram1
May 7, 2007
  1. I have a dell inspiron 9400 laptop, that came with Sonic DVD and CD Burner on it. When I attempt to add a video file into the burn window, it gives me a message saying that it "is not able to create a thumbnail", thus leaving it unable to burn the dvd. Ive downloaded several other freeware dvd burners that, will allow me to add a video file and burn the dvd, but when it is finished burning(and yes, it says that it has finished burning successfully), it is visually apparent that the dvd has very little written on it (just a small ring around the center, and it will not play anything in a dvd player. I have been surfing the net for weeks looking for a solution to this problem. I wonder could my burner hardward just be broken for some odd reason? Do I have to purchase a new burner to install on my lap top? Or can this be fixed some other way. I sincerely appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and hopefully give me some suggestions.
  2. raybay

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    Burners seldom last longer than a year. Optical drives are likely to go out quickly if used a lot. I suspect, however, that the problem is with your burner software. Remove the software in your Add or Remove Programs section, then reboot and reinstall... or switch to Nero 7.0.
    Be sure you have scanned your computer for viruses, spyware, rootkits, and the like.
  3. gregthe1000

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    I suggest Nero 6 or 7. Both are amazing for burning everything imaginable. What kind of file was the video? You might consider converting it to avi if it's not already.
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