DVD Copies Not Playing On DVD Player

By mikeymike2121
Feb 8, 2005
  1. When ever i have tried to copy a movie that i either have copied directly from original or from one that was downloaded and i try to run it on a DVD player it doesnt work. The same applies when i try to run it on my Playstation 2 just on the PS it works just is very choppy. Anyone know what the problem is here?
  2. prash

    prash TS Rookie

    Firstly have you tried using different brands of media? Sometimes it could be due to that and the dye or could be that your dvd player maybe better at reading dvd+r or dvd-r better than the other, or may not be efficient at reading either. Does the disc play on your pc?

    What software did you use to make the dvd? I highly recommend something like the following VSO to dvd, Film machine (FOC),canopus procoder 2. I've tried many programs for encoding to vcd/dvd and found these are the best..retaining excellent results and compatibility. Here's a link to the film machine http://members.home.nl/thefilmmachine/

    Nero is ok. If you're starting from stratch however and are new to dvd creation I would recommend not bothering with creating those fancy menu's that nero gives u the option to. As have found it can sometimes cause problems with certain dvd players.
  3. mikeymike2121

    mikeymike2121 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    in order to convert the downloaded file to DVD i used VSO DVXtoDvD and i converted it into DVD format. i will try your suggestion and convert it to DVD or VCD??
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