Dvd Drive Is Not Recognising Dvd's

By djt
Feb 16, 2005
  1. I have an LG 4160b Dual Layer DVD Drive. It will recognise a CD ROM alright however when I put in a DVD Movie it will not play the movie. It is not an issue of regional settings I don't belive. When I put in a DVD Data Disk it it will not autorun but will display directories and files (this takes a very long time though) , however I am unable to double click them to run. It will also cause explorer to stop responding after a while.

    I also have a Samsung DVD / CD Writer which works fine.

    I have updated the LG firmware to the latest (A303) and have reloaded the software (Nero). When I run Nero Disk Speed an error is displayed: Unrecoverable Disk Error (0331100). This happens to all disks that I try the test on. The Jumper for the Drive is set to Master.

    Any ideas??
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