Dvd help (DVD X Copy Platnium problem)

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Jan 7, 2005
  1. Dvd help

    i have a copy of dvdxcopy platinum .when i try to copy a movie it reads fine, but when i try to burn the copy it skips the writing process and goes to final process. during this the start/ cancel button goes away . then it aborts . i have two dvd burners in the system . can anyone help
  2. The Best Alias

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    Just a guess but perhaps the 2 burners are stepping on each other. I had 2 different burners ( a CDR and a DVDR ) in 1 system for all of 2 day. I got all kinds of errors and strangeness. Usually I'd get 1 burn off OK then all hell would break loose, drawers opening, error messages such as unsupported disc type, and buttons disappearing (which is similar to your problem). I'd suggest 1 player and 1 burner. try unplugging the lesser of the 2 and see what happens.
  3. ncoe

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    I am having the same problem. If you figured out how to fix it please let me know! It reads perfectly and then on step 2 it will say its writing for about 30 second then it will go right to finallizing and then say error. I tried to take the temp file and burn it from a nero and that worked for 3 times and now it wont work on there either. i'm so confused. I just had a new dvd burner installed an now this is happening. I tried re-installing dvd x copy but it didn't help at all.
  4. iss

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    the problem is you are using dead software DVDx has not been developed for more than a year and wont be since they were shutdown.

    you need to use a program that is still being updated to handle the new protection schemes the movie studios keep implementing.

    try CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD they work toegehter and are regularly updated to handle and new protections. you can download 30 day trial copies at www.slysoft.com
  5. ncoe

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    i downloaded both programs and that doesn't work either. I'm not sure what any dvds does but the clonedvds 2 wont burn the dvds. any other suggestions? i need to find a program that works well and where i dont need 2 programs to use it. Thats what i really like about dvd x copy platnium! I wish i could figure out how to just use that!
  6. iss

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    yeah DVDX copy platinum combined a CSS ripper and a burner in one program. But that is why they arent in business anymore. AnyDVD rips the copy protection on the fly while CloneDVD2 rips the movie.

    how are you trying to copy the movie? for best results rip the movie to the CloneDVD temp folder, then burn the movie using the "write existing data" (third panel on CloneDVD2)
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