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Is this site for computer questions only? If it is, please forgive my next question.

I have burned a video from my computer to a CD. When I try to play it in my regular DVD player that is connected to my TV, I get a "codec. not supported" message. HUH??? Do I need a different DVD player, and if so, what should I look for? I have no blank DVDs right now, so I am not able to try a burned DVD in my TV DVD player. This is all new to me.... bet ya couldn't have guessed that!!!:haha: Please help.

Thanks again and again!
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if you burn say an mpeg or avi file to a cd then a dvd player will not play it. instead what you have to do is use a program like Nero to make what's called a VCD which stands for video cd - it's basically like a DVD but on a cd instead :)

you can put menus on and everything :D i used them before i got a dvd-rw drive ;)

Okay,,,,,, I got writable dvds. I just burned the videos to the dvds using sonic record now. The videos have the extension of .wmv. I do not get the codec message anymore in my TV DVD player, but as soon as it reads and shows DVD (on the tv screen) and then shows play on the DVD player, then it switches to stop immediately. Nothing happens.
:mad: :mad: :mad:

Oh...... and btw, I did not list my system on my account page, because this village ***** has no idea what all of that stuff meant. sorry. But, I am in Tennessee (surprised???:haha: )

To 'splain exactly what I am trying to do..... I am copying a few vids from youtube to my computer, using a program called Quivic.... (which may or may not be causing me other stupid computer problems). Anyway, this Quivic downloads, and converts the youtube vids to a .wmv file, that I can watch on my computer. My BIG problem is that I am sick and homebound, and cannot sit at my computer for long periods to watch videos. That is why I want/need to put them on a DVD that will play in my DVD player that is attached to my TV.

The option file extensions on quivic are.... .wmv, MP4, 3GP, or leave them as .flv.

Oh man............ someone please help me!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot from Memphis.
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