DVD-RW+ DVD-RW- CD-ROM DVD-RAM What does it all mean?

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Jul 22, 2008
  1. :( What is with all the odd terms in CD's and DVD's like the "+" and "-" and the Stuff like RW and RAM and ROM
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    The 'Computer Hardware Acronym List' is helpful in listing the terms but doesnt have enough detail, just acronym & full title.

    As far as RW, RAM and ROM go.. they are fairly well explained by the list:

    R = Recordable (a cd or dvd which can be written or 'burned' only once)
    RW = ReWriteable (a cd or dvd which can be written and then erased & re-written)
    ROM = Read Only Memory (a cd or dvd which can be read but not written)
    RAM = Random Access Memory - this is a tricky one. As far as DVD-RAMs go the name is a bit misleading, and some ppl with think of normal RAM immediately but basically you should think of DVD-RAM as a DVDRW but with more features and advantages.

    If you wanna get a better grip on it try this:


    or just wiki the bugger!!
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    Thanks. Great stuff.
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    In practice almost nobody uses DVD-RAM. So if you are looking for a new drive and it doesn't have that I wouldn't be concerned. You'd know if you had a use for it.
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    My only comment/clarification is the R and RW can mean something a little different if it is not associated with a DVD, but instead with a DVD device on a PC. In that case, the R stands for Read only and that means that the DVD device will only Read DVD's that you put into it. A DVD RW means that the device can not only read DVD's but can also Write to them.
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