DVD-RW Not Detected?

By Shawn2k5
May 14, 2006
  1. I recently pulled one of my old CD-RWs for A Creative DVD/CD-RW Combo. Pluged in the IDE and power. It powers on; can open/close. Made sure it was enabled in bios. It was. Then I start the CPU and it says there is no drive there? Is there a step I'm missing? It doesnt show up in device manager or anything. I'm pretty sure my IDE cables are still good since it was working before I put in the drive.

    Dell Dimension 2400 w/ original mobo.
  2. Peddant

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    Make sure one of your drives has the jumper set to master and the other drive is set to slave.Probably best to have the new drive as master.Lots of pictures HERE
  3. Shawn2k5

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    Haha. Thanks, I just figured that out a while ago and solved it too. That was the exact problem. But man, you guys are quick! I love this forum; even tough I'm new here :D.
  4. Shawn2k5

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    Okay I’ve come across a reoccurring problem that probably won't be so easy to solve this time. Well it was occurring on my old CPU which I took the burner [Creative DVDRW DR8420E] from also. Whenever I make a DVD it: leads in, writes, and everything just fine but when it leads out it has an error, [lead out process failed]. It seems to do that with all DVDs and I’ve only burned one DVD so far where it hasn’t had that error. I used Nero Premium 7 and 8x speed with TDK DVDs (which support up to 8x) and Maxtor DVD-RW 4x. The resulting DVDs work fine, but have long seek times at points but the data seems to be intact, and can be usable [but annoying to use because of long seek times].

    It seems to burn CDs flawlessly and play both CD and DVDs (which I didn’t burn) flawlessly. Anyone know of a possible cause or solution? I know creative is great at making sound cards but not the best at making optical drives. I haven’t burned more then 10 DVD/CDs from this thing yet; tough I’ve had it for like 2 years. Should I just go buy a better brand DVD burner?

    I have the latest firmware. I got more then enough HD space to burn DVD’s/CDs. 150+ GIGs free ATM. The only one that burned well was below 2 Gigs, all “failed” ones were above maybe worth noting… I’m not sure…
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