DVD-RW problem

By gladysmae08
Jul 23, 2007
  1. I have a philips DVD-RW in my PC whhich stopped reading all kinds of cds. Whenever i insert a cd into the drive, it reads it as a blank cd even if its not. And when i try to burn something, it says that the cd is not a blank cd. How can i make it work? I am using a windows xp media center edition. I have checked the device manager and there are no problems in the drive.
  2. Cinders

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    Your drive is probably dead unless you recently changed IDE drivers. Look at your IDE drivers in the Device Manager. Micorsoft drivers usually work best with rom type drives. If you don't have Microsoft drivers then you should probably roll the driver back until you do. You should also make sure the drive is operating in DMA mode. A simple test of the drive would be to boot into your windows disk. Make sure the DVD-RW is set up the first boot device in the BIOS and then insert your Windows CD into the drive and boot your computer. If the computer skips the CD and boots from the hard drive then your DVD drive is kaput.
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