DVD wasnt working, big scare

By kat4spot
Dec 5, 2006
  1. hi everyone, how are you al doing?

    I had a little problem, i removed Incd program so i could run dvd dycripter and ripit, but i havent used them yet, and all of sudden i wanted to run a dvd with some movies on it and it didnt work. i check My PC and the dvd didnt show up, just my hardrive, i figured that removing Incd was the problem so i downloaded it and re-installed it, rebooted and went back to My PC and this time my DVD was back and working normal as far as i can tell, i will check to see if i can burn a CD tomorrow, but that was scarry there for a moment. Last time one of the CDs didnt work like this, it turned out, it was busted, i thought that this was happening again but this time with my DVD, glad i was just me screwing aaround with the software. Just wanted to share my little mishap so that maybe someone will benefit form this.

    Thanks guys,
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