DVDROM won't play video

By enikslztak
Sep 8, 2005
  1. I recently had to reformat my hard drive for my HP Pavilion 8370, and can't get the Hitachi GD-2000 dvdrom to read video. I get an error message saying I need to lower resolution...tried that but didn't work.
    I think it has to do with the software for the dvdrom.
    The computer is basically as it came from the factory, no new graphics or sound cards. Also, I don't have any recovery disks for the system.
    I've researched a little bit, and I think it may have something to do with mpeg2 codecs/decoders???
    I read something about needing to buy Intervideo software, but I've downloaded the ATI DVD Player driver update from HP site, and there was no drivers for Intervideo to download.
    I'm not familiar with dvd drives or dvd software, and need help in: Understanding why the drive won't read video?
    What mpeg2 files are?
    Why HP site has ATI DVD drivers and not the Intervideo drivers?
    Shouldn't the dvdrom be using just one software program or are there many other programs available as well to do the same thing?
    Do I actually have to buy this software for the ability to view video or is there some kind of "generic" drivers/codecs out there that will work for my dvdrom?
    I got a little fuzzy on the brain when reading about the mpeg2/codecs/decoder cards/etc. :dead:, and would appreciate any advice/help you might have to offer...
    just looking for some mental clarity on the subject... :giddy:
    Thanks, Brad
  2. Adwin

    Adwin TS Rookie

    Try using software like klite mega codec pack + media player classic, it works great.
    Or you can use mplayer. It has codecs compiled in it, so you don't need to install anything.
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