DVI output to VGA then back again?

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Dec 28, 2006
  1. hey guys, my first post here as im in dire need of some help with a little setup problem im having, basically i own an 19" LCD monitor, (xerox XA7-182i) and im trying to run it through a VGA switch box so i can share it between my computer and my xbox 360, now my graphics card is an xfx 7800gt and has 2 DVI outputs and my monitor only has a DVI input, because the switch box only has VGA connectors i need to convert the signal from my graphics card to vga and then from the switch box back into DVI so i can connect it to the monitor, ive used all the right connections and even though my monitor supports both digital and analog display im still seeing a "no signal" message just after post.

    am i trying to do the impossible here? or is there a way to force the monitor to display the vga signal as it doesnt seem to want to right now.
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    "ive used all the right connections" means what? Surely, if you did everything right, it should work? :p

    Did you try with both of your DVI outputs?

    Is it a digital switch box? It could be that the box doesn't look like a monitor to the video card at PC startup and so the corresponding DVI interface is not initialised. Make sure the switch box is turned on and the PC selected as the device before you turn on the PC.
  3. Xink

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    its a basic box, its analog with only vga connectors, i know its a signal problem as i tested the connections by plugging a DVI to VGA adapter into the graphics card and then a DVI to VGA adapter into the monitor and hooked the 2 up directly, i still get the no signal screen just after windows loads, the xbox 360 works fine through the switch box, its just the pc
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    you must adjust display setting into windows otherwise graphic card driver will can't auto identify your monitor.
    solution:at first, you connect tow monitor to graphic card then into windows, open the monitor that you want to display form property.
  5. Xink

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    i only own one display, it must be a driver issue, it seems that it forces my monitor into digital mode when it needs to be analog and so doesnt not display at all, is there a way to force an analog output thru the drivers?
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