DVI to VGA - no display

By RMarine
Jan 24, 2010
  1. Hi, this is my 1st post so forgive my lack of technical vocabulary. i have a geforce 7800 gtx (x2 sli not active) it has 2 dvi outputs and a LG monitor (w2243s) with one vga input. i need have it running using a std vga cable that came in the box with the monitor and a vga to dvi converter. i needed to change my cable for a longer one (don't ask why). i got myself a 3m long belkin vga lead and using the converter i already had, BUT it wouldn't go to the correct resolution because it wouldn't or couldn't pick up the make or model of my monitor. so i went back to he shop and was told to try using a dvi lead and a new dvi - vga converter. so i plug it all in and i get the message "saving power mode and then the power button flashes. i have reconnected the short lead set up and it all works great. i also tried connecting both at the same time using a old monitor so i could change any setting so it would work. i went in to the nvidia control panel and it showed both the old and new monitors and both the dvi and vga connectors, so it is seeing the dvi connector. but it still remains on "power saving mode" Why?
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    dont you need to change the input type on the monitor to DVI, im sure i had to do this on some monitors once.
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