DWM.exe maxing iGPU on Asus FX505GT all of a sudden, stuttering makes laptop unusable

Recently my laptop started stuttering and found that Windows Desktop Manager (dwm.exe) was spiking the integrated Intel GPU in my laptop causing the stutters (laptop also has GTX 1650 GPU). Scrolling down a website could cause spikes and laptop is close to unusable. I reset the PC to factory installation, tried pausing Windows updates but it still updated to 20H2 feature update and some security updates, too. MUCH worse when plugged into external monitor, but even without the laptop stutters. Not sure why factory settings don't work, unless some Windows update I can't stop is the true problem. I uninstalled the 20H2 update once, problem seemed better but came back. Even with pausing updates I check update history next day and Windows seems to sneak some stuff in, so hard to tell what's installed at any moment. May need to reset and stay off network to test absolute factory conditions. I can disable iGPU but then dwm.exe does similar on NVidia 1650 GPU, though not 100% usage but still causes stutters.

Any ideas? Any chance a hardware issue could be causing this?


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I'm not 100% sure what it is but I have sneaky feeling it is time to taker it apart and clean the little radiator that cools the CPU and GPU. I have a computer repair shop and I tried to cheat numerous times with blowing some compressed air in there and it never worked. Once you get it apart you will see that dust & hair build up so badly that it is stuck on the end of the cooling fins and air just can't get through to do its job.

The only other thing is that if you are still using a spinning hard drive and the laptop is older that could be the other reason. It still has to come apart. Check YouTube or IFIxit for a guide on disassembly.
Laptop less than 1 year old. SSDs only. Pegging of GPU is very on/off and dependent on my actions - like an instantaneous response. I scroll down a website and it shoots up and stutters, but the second I stop scrolling it goes to zero, so doesn't seem like a heat issue(?). Asus told me to take it into Best Buy b/c in warranty and I bought it there so I guess I can see what they say. Thanks for the comment!
Did you get an update from Best Buy? I have an ASUS Gaming Laptop with identical specs and just the other day it has become almost unusable. Constant stuttering with the Intel UHD Graphics 630 hitting 100% Utilization with just task manager open and the core of that is Desktop Windows Manager and Client-Server Runtime Processes. My issue is quite literally the exact same as yours. I'm at college and it's near impossible for me to do basic assignments with the constant stuttering.