DX11-enabled DiRT 2 PC demo released, full version arriving this week

By Jos ยท 55 replies
Dec 1, 2009
  1. Rick

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  2. DarKSeeD

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    Well, overall not impressive, I mean who has the time to enjoy the scenery when a race is going on? :)
    But over original Dirt it is a leap forward, I like it!
  3. buttus

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    It's funny how this time out, DX11 has some good and positive hype. When DX10 was released, there was nothing but bitching, complaining and whinning about how it slowed machines down. This time around people are actually excited about DX11.
  4. DarKSeeD

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    Not quite, read post #51 or follow the link:

    I've played the game in Vista Ultimate 32bit version with the following setup:
    Asus: P5Q Deluxe
    Asus: GTX260
    Intel: Q9550
    Corsair: 2x2 DDRII@1066
    Creative SB X-Fi Fatality XtremeGamer
    HDD: WD500GB Green (32MB)
    Nothing overclocked, resolution 1680x1050@60Hz, all details max in-game and forced max from Nvidia CP. The game run steadily at 60fps (V-Sync always on).
  5. smirx

    smirx TS Rookie

    To everyone wondering about the Direct X 11 differences..... I played the demo on my HD 5850 yesterday, then took it too my friends house and played it on his direct X 10 computer, not sure what gfx card he has, but I know it's an Nvidia that's about 3 years old. Anyways, don't stress about the difference that DX 11 cards provide (for this particular game). The game ran/ looked almost identical on both computers! I was actually disappointed. I was hoping to justify the $330 I just spent on the HIS 5850 but no luck. The ONLY difference I noticed was that the water did react better to obstruction (although it did look identical when standing still) and the flags moved more naturally. Needless to say, when your actually racing, you hardly notice. BTW, I can't believe this game was delayed again today!!! I was waiting all morning to download on steam (free voucher) only to see it pushed back, yet again, to December 8th! Guess I can't argue since it's free. I would be pissed however if I had Pre-Ordered it (no offence)!
  6. lordsburg

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    DX11 and the new ATi cards are really impressive. I want the new AMD's with the 5900 and DX11, the 3d would be cool too if you had Nvidia. Or does it work for both? Ha
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