Eavesdroppers and unsecured Internet connection

By Mikey_Gore
Jun 17, 2012
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  1. I'm living in a house share and recently some people moved in.

    One weak later, when I was using my computer I was trying to login to my mail. Whenever I went to a gmail, yahoo mail and hotmail I would get the warning Unsecured Internet Connection, check certicate in the browser. This went on for the first hour I tried it. I know when you use a program like Wireshark or Cain/Abel that screen shows up. I do not know what is happening and I am utterly pissed. I did not think these people were IT pro. It's neither of their occupations. I am a professional IT guy so I know about it. Is Wireshark and Cain and Abel like programs well known?

    Now, the thing is, at the time I was using my computer in safe mode. So is there any reason to think that safe mode would cause the browser to show warning (Unsecured Connection) when you visit https sites ?

    Also, I cheked the router admin, they were connected when it happenned. However I saw them disconnect from the router, and the same thing still continued to happen. However, half an hour later, it would visit the https sites without warning.

    My question is, if a packet sniffer (Wireshark type program) was being run on the network by a Computer A, and then they close their computer, would the "Warning Page" immediately stop appearing, or could it still be affecting it somehow, even though the packet sniffer is not operating and take time to wear off (so to speak) or once I restart my browser etc...

    I am going nuts with this, I would really appreciate your help.

    I basically want to know if the tenants did something or not. So basically,

    A- would a warning page immediately stop appearing upon closing down the packet sniffer?


    B- it would take a few minutes to pass (from the when the packet sniffer was closed) for the warning page not to appear?


    C- would only stop appearing once I restart my computer


    D- would only stop appearing once the router is restarted

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