eBay launches same-day shipping service eBay Now

Shawn Knight

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eBay has introduced a new service called eBay Now that promises same-day shipping on products that are sold locally. In most instances, buyers can expect to see their order arrive in as little as an hour so long as the……

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a lot of ways, people getting items and lying about the condition to ebay and getting their money back, all without sending the correct item back, ETC. Ive had a few friends get the same model of item get sent back just a different (broken) unit...so people get to keep the good item AND the money.


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it goes both ways. Either way, I think many of us agree that ebay needs to overhaul a large majority of its policies and rules in order to make a safer experience for everyone. There are too many crooks in the world for ebay to be so lax. And it would not surprise me to find out that many of those in charge are crooks themselves.


I was an avid ebayer before, 100% FB, but now Powersellers spoiled the show, why would I buy on Ebay ? You can barely get a decent price (price vs risk/time) and you get ripped on the shipping most of the time.

So 2000's now...