ECS KV2 Extreme Mobo F11 Q-boot func?

By beamer11
Mar 27, 2007
  1. I am using an ECS Kv2 Extreme motherboard. It works great. Looking for someone that uses the same board. I want to use the f11 key to boot from another drive. When I press F11 during boot it works correctly calling up a menu for selecting another boot device. I want to select from two different IDE drives. That menu comes up ok but whichever drive I choose it always come up with the drive bios has as the 1st drive. Both drives work when I put them 1st on the bios list. Does this motherboard work the way I want it to? Everything else works great on the board. Could it be that bios hasn't been fixed for this problem. The work around I'm now using is going into bios and changes the drive to boot from. Kind of slow. I am already doing multi-boot of windows on one drive and want a different clean drive to boot from. Help from someone using this F11 key on this motherboard would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. nickc

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    I am going to make a recomindation reformat everything, install windows first XP first if using other windows and then install the other OS's on other hard drive, if not using windows then will have to get the help of another software to boot.
  3. beamer11

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    I already have windows XP installed on one drive and Linux installed on a 2nd drive. I wanted to keep things simple by having Linux boot up from a 2nd drive rather then from a multi-boot on the windows drive. The mobo won't respond correctly when selecting the 2nd drive as the alternate boot up device.
  4. cocineraMG

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    still here? I have the same problem

    Hello, first of all, excuse for my bad english

    I have and kv2 extreme board too and the same problem you coment :)

    My case:
    one paralel IDE hard disk ->windows xp & Ubuntu
    one serial ata hard disk ->QNX neutrino (Realtime OS)

    When I select F11 on boot and select boot from hard disk, then appears a sub-menu to select the hard drive desired, but it only runs the selected from bios, not the selected one here with F11

    If it would helps you, say than i have updated bios with the last one version from elitegroup webpage and problem persists.

    I have tried too to boot with GAG creating differet entryes for each disk and OS with no sucess.

    In fact this is not a big problem for us, because we can select hard disk to boot into BIOS, but with A FEW MORE push of butons each time want to change OS

    I still waith help, of course, very greeted :)
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