Elon Musk wants to charge all users of X, formerly Twitter, a monthly fee

Charge me $1 a month for using the service, but I never EVER see another ad again on that service, like EVER... I'm in.

Charge me any fee, however insignificant, to use the service and still subject me to ads? You can politely go to hell...
If it's anything more than $1 a month, I won't pay for it. I think most users would be fine with a few dollars one-time fee or something tiny like $1 or less/month. If it's to curb the bot problem and there really are tons of bots, then any charge will be a problem for those operating bot networks.

But I think most users simply read and not reply anyways, so this may not affect a lot of people. I for one have only 500+ posts after signing up ~15 years ago. I primarily started using it to stay up to date one some things anyways.

$1 a month won't pay the people and electricity to manage your account