Emachines 810 will not power up

By taffchick006 · 4 replies
Oct 2, 2008
  1. I have a emachines 810 it's a few years old now and it will not power up. When I turn on the power it will automatically come on without pressing the power button on the machine. The orange light and green lights flashes and the fans are going but nothing else happens the cd rom will not open and nothing appears on the monitor. Any help would be great! My warranty ended 5 days ago so I'm not sure if I should renew my warranty for £70 and get it fixed or is it a small job that could be done on the cheap in the local pc shop.
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  3. taffchick006

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    Thanks! Nope no beeps at first it sounded weird I knew straight away something was wrong but after turning it on numerous times it sounds normal. Is it going to be a expensive thing to fix? Or can it be done cheaply at the local pc shop?
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    Emachine Down.....!

    Take the side off the PC and check the parts around the CPU for signs of heat or burning. The voltage regulator is in the proximity of the CPU and this is where the trouble usually starts. A working Emachine with a 3 digit model number is something of a rarity. So, brace yourself for the possibility of it being new computer time.

    Legend has it that the motherboard takes out the PSU, not vice-versa. Truth be told, it could go either way
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    it depends on the problem, in any case it is most likely going to cost about £40-£50 minimum. I'm not entirely sure though.
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