Emachines Turning Off Problem

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Mar 13, 2007
  1. We have a Emachines T2825 desktop, which we've had since about late '03. All has been well, except for the past year when it's just been having issues with turning off in the middle of doing something--while keeping the blue light around the power button lit. From this state, it won't turn back on again by pressing the power button, but rather we have to switch off the power strip it's plugged into and wait a few seconds (turning the power light off too in the process), and then all starts back up.

    Sometimes there's no issue, and other times it will just continue doing the same. All the fans and such check out fine, but the power cutting off with the light staying on remains odd...and have me stumped after months.

    Infamous Emachines power supply issue, by chance, with this '03/04 model, or something else?
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    replace your PSU before it takes your motherboard out (and it will.)
  4. beach109

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    That's what I thought--the only oddity being why the power light was staying on, but it would only then turn back on after switching off the power strip it's all plugged into.

    But, oh well, it's been doing it for a while, so I better at least try a new PSU and hope that's the fix.
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    A powerlight being on has no bearing on whether or not your PSU is in good condition. I just had a PSU fail on one of my systems. A hallmark sign of a failing PSU is weird errors and crashes for no reason. LED lights only require a miniscule amount of power. PSUs can fail on different rails. So you cannot go by lights alone. Only a multimeter reading and/or a tester can prove reliable power. Replacing a PSU is easy.
  6. beach109

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    Exactly what I've been thinking, it's more just an oddity.

    I think I'll just order a new PSU from Newegg and hope that solves it. Looks like the one 350W FSU unit posted above may be the ticket.
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    before your order - always get a PSU that's a little bigger than what your system requires.

    1. PSUs degrade over time due to capacitor aging. a 2 year old PSU only produces 30% less power on average.

    2. PSUs do NOT deliver rated power. Much power is lost due to heat. More efficient PSUs can produce up to about 85% of rated power.

    3. If you system currently uses a 350W PSU consider a 400 or 450W PSU. Take into account upgrades and new card which will suck new power.

    4. If you don't plan on changing anything, just do a 1 for 1 swap.
  8. beach109

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    Yeah, nothing is changing in the stock system, and right now (at least from what Emachine's site says) it has a 250W PSU, so a 350W should be a proper upgrade.
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    My emachine had a 250W PSU, which I replaced with the 350W PSU made by FSP. It has been working fine for months now and I max out my system by rendering video for 3 hour stretches.
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