enet webcam not working

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Jun 18, 2007
  1. hi im new here and just got a new webcam for my laptop and this is the first time i install the driver for the enet webcam but its not working.when ever i try to view my webcam the window for the webcam comes out but its not working and there is no image in the window.please help
  2. saddam84

    saddam84 TS Rookie

    can anyone help me to download and install my enet webcam please since i lost the driver
  3. LookinAround

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    You first have to

    1. Connect cam to computer. If Hardware Wizard comes just hit Cancel
    2. go to Device Manager and find the entry for cam device. It will probably have a Yellow Question mark for an icon (which is what windows uses for a device if can't find the driver). If is a USB cam, expand the USB devices and look there first else look through all device manager
    3. When find the entry, rt click->Properties. Click Details tab. Now you must tell us the device string that appears (or capture the screen shot and attach the .jpg)
  4. kimat

    kimat TS Rookie

    Driver + installer package here!

    This is the installer package for the USB 2.0 ENET webcam.

    THIS IS NOT FOR THE ONE WITH THE 6 LEDs!!! For that you need the SOC PC-cam driver.

    The download size is 8.89 MB and I have checked it for infections, it is clean.

    [This will not allow me to post the link since I have less than 5 posts. I have been looking all over for this driver and I know what a hassle it is. That is why I just wanted to help people out.}

    You have to email me at email removed to get the link.

    Moderator edit:
    No need for emailing anyone. All support is freely provided on the open forums
  5. kimat

    kimat TS Rookie

    This is the link. filefactory.com /file/12ff40/n/XP-2K-98ENET_exe
    Just add the usual http and www at the beginning, and remove the extra space after com.
  6. fawazabubacker

    fawazabubacker TS Rookie

    Enet webcam

  7. fawazabubacker

    fawazabubacker TS Rookie

    i have a enet webcam . But it is not working. Why? I installed the cd. But no use.
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