Enigmatic Windows Boot Freeze

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Sep 23, 2006
  1. Hello. I just want you to know beforehand that I have searched the internet high and low (well, first 10 google pages, at any rate, and many many forums) on how to fix this. I have messed with msconfig more times than I can count, and have tried so many different settings that I highly doubt any new setting will change whatever the problem is (but I could've missed something). I have reformatted so many times that I can't use the windows cd key anymore.

    I don't know which minidumps or logs to give you, so that might help.

    The fact that I am logged on at all is quite an accomplishment (completely random, as far as I can tell), since everytime I restart the computer there is a 90% chance that windows will freeze during boot. Usually the "status" bar (haha) will freeze after a few seconds. Often I'm taunted, given hope, after windows messes around with the keyboard LEDs and mouse LEDs as though it were going to boot.

    /sos & /bootlog in boot.ini gives me absolutely NOTHING to work with, since SOS tells me all the things that safemode will boot with (safe mode always boots) and bootlog never dumps anything unless, heaven forbid, windows boots and I don't need the log. As far as I can tell, Windows never dumps anything pertinent to my problem. It just freezes at start-up. No change to either boot.ini, system.ini, or win.ini works (right now, everything is cleared in system.ini and win.ini, and there have been many different settings between them).

    I suspect it's hardware, which is thus (am I sounding snippy? Yes, I am :p):
    ASUS a8n5x
    64 3800 venice
    2gig(1gigx2) ddr 400 ocz ram
    geforce 7800 gt
    ye olde sata hd
    ridiculously expensive psu with More Than Enough wattage
    a case with 9 fans total.

    The only hardware problem I've had, besides a poorly supported mobo, is a faulty stick of ram that doesn't pass BIOS memtest. I didn't know this stick was bad for a long time, but I didn't have any problems with it until I installed BF2. If windows, during install (during boot it doesn't matter whether I have the faulty stick in or not), forced through memory a 1.5gig file on it's way to the harddrive, that may have been a problem, but I'm fairly certain that any corruption would've been noticed.

    Anyway, in short, there seems to be a totally random chance for windows to boot, unless it's safe mode. No change in setting, so far, will change this. If anyone who can help me wants any sort of dump or log, I'm more than happy to provide. 1700$ hang on the line!
  2. TheEsoog

    TheEsoog TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Very long shot in the dark here, but I assume your mobo is based on the nforce chipset? Do you have a dvd drive on your system?
    I was having a problem like this a while ago, just after adding a dvd drive into my system, after posting here Howard casually advised me to remove the nvidia ide driver because it can cause problems; lo and behold all my problems went away..
    Not sure if its affecting you, but worth a shot if you have it installed.
  3. skol

    skol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It's worth a shot.
    But if I uninstall pata controller, I don't have a dvd drive.
  4. TheEsoog

    TheEsoog TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Just change it for the standard MS one; ie update driver - you choose, select from list
  5. skol

    skol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cool, thanks. I'll check it out. Although, for some strange incomprehensible reason, everytime I restart Windows boots up. 3 times in a row, woohoo!

    I even set it to normal boot. Huh.

    *crosses fingers very, very, very hard*

    btw, is faulty RAM a prime candidate for BSODs? And what's the penalty for not pairing them correctly (as had been the case for a long while)? Could that have damaged the stick? BIOS always quick-booted, so I don't know if they came that way or what
  6. TheEsoog

    TheEsoog TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Yeah from what I gather RAM can cause quite a few, thats mainly the penalty from incorrect pairings
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