Epic must pay Apple $3+ million for side-stepping App Store rules, but it's still an Epic...


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So basically you just made the argument that you also don’t understand Amazon which means that there is no real world analogy I could use, be it cruise ships or amusement parks, etc. So, since you are unfamiliar with how anything works in reality, enjoy your oculus but stay out of debates, please, for the rest of us.
This is about the Apple store not Amazon, the analogy was fiction, just an exercise of the imagination.

It's a simple explanation, what part of it made you so confused? What part of it did you not understand? I'm asking you seriously, maybe I can give you further explanations.

PS: Yes, I am enjoying my VR headset, thank you.


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The bottom line is that it does not seem right to demand from a software developer 30% of their turnover just to allow them to access the hardware that the end user has paid to own. The end user receives the 10 million lines of code of the operating system for free but in return pays 30% extra in the applications. But applications can have a total of 1 billion lines of code (ue5 only has 5 million lines of code) as well as graphics. It does not seem right to write 10 million lines of code and with them to take advantage of a third of the profit of a hundred times more lines of code as well as graphics.

And this is most evident when it is done by a company that does not give anything for free as opposed to Google, which has a strong activity in the field of research and innovation and gives many things freely to any use for everyone.

Epic is betting on this negative publicity for already developed players because it is a new entrant in this market and wants to emphasize the advantages it provides in order to more easily gain market share.

In any case, I think it would be simpler and preferable in the long run for the ecosystem of the market and for the quality of the applications, each end user to pay for the operating system and for those who develop software to have no restrictions.

As is the case with windows.