Epson IR700 Touch Screen

By DavidOrcus
Jul 12, 2010
  1. Unit EPSON IR 700 O/S WinXP Pro SP3

    TouchScreen Unit. Has Epson Touch Panel software. Driver Version

    Attempt to calibrate the touchscreen and the PC displays blue screen with windows has detected a problem with your HW and has shutdown to prevent damage and then reboots. Dumps out the attached minidump file (Mini071210-01.dmp) can anyone determine if it's a hardware fault or software fault from the file?

    I have attempted to un-install the Epson Touch Panel software and then re-install it but it can't detect the touchscreen I then have to use system restore to get the touchscreen to work again.

    If someone can read the dump file for me and advise me on anything this would be much appreciated.

    Would a full re-install of the O/S help?


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  2. DavidOrcus

    DavidOrcus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 26


    An O/S re-install has resolved the whole problem.
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