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Sep 10, 2003
  1. Do any of you guys have expierence using these? Last time I replaced the cartridges in my Epson 760 I had a hell of a time getting it to print right again, I think I did the head cleaning and nozzle alignment like 4 or 5 times before it cleared up. The company I order all my ink from (cause I can get them for $2.95 for black and $4.95 for color) sells cleaning cartridges for just a bit more.
    I was just wondering if these things are worth it? My printer is working fine now, but if it gets bad again and these work it might be worth it.
  2. Nic

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    I have an Epson 900, and I too have had problems with the heads becoming blocked.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with cleaning cartridges because you're not supposed to remove and refit ink tanks on Epson printers (the seals are use once only).

    This essentially means that you should only be using the cleaning cartridges when it comes time to replace your ink tanks. However, your print heads are likely becoming blocked while the ink tanks are still full, due to not using your printer for long periods.

    That being the case, together with the fact that you are using cheap ink (as I do), I have found it better to simply print a full colour article, such as a web page, every week or so, just to keep the print heads clear. Those head cleaning cartridges are use once just like your ink cartridges, so I don't feel they are worth getting. If your print heads ever become dried out, then not even a cleaning cartridge will unblock them.

    I'm sure that you've already heard the saying 'use it, or lose it'. That applies to Epson printers more than to others, as the print heads are separate from the ink tanks, and are designed to last the life of your printer.

    Edit: When you fit new ink tanks, then try and do it quickly to prevent the heads from drying. Your printer should go through a priming process once the new tanks are fitted, so you shouldn't be getting problems with blocked heads due to fitting new ink tanks.
  3. SNGX1275

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    I don't refill my cartridges, I buy new ones. Hmm now that we have a hot deals section I won't feel like I'm violating some advertising thing. I'll edit this with a link to my thread in Hot Deals.

    Printer Ink
  4. ptitterington

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    I have a problem with my epson C70, I think the Magenta is blocked and after a few head cleans it blobs ink all over the place.

    I have tried a cleaning cartridge and replaced the inks, I also use cheap ink and over time this has more than been worth wile.

    I even as a last resort ran a rag under the print head no luck only made it worse. then I saw a picture of how small print heads really are.

    I have ordered a canon i560 with 6 tanks as I seem to be able to get canon ink cheaper.:cool:
  5. SNGX1275

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    LoL sorry to hear that ptit, I'm not buying a new printer, I'll fight with manually cleaning the print heads for a long time before I buy a new one :). Epsons print very well for their price, and I'm going to try to make it last longer than it should.
  6. ptitterington

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    Unfortunately I need it for work. I can print black ok but anything with colour comes out yellow.:dead:

    How come I nolonger get email notification, Its turned on.
  7. alphnumeric

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    The recommendation is not to do more than 3 or 4 head cleaning cycles in a row. As you found out you then get smears. I refill my cartridges, my kit came with head cleaning fluid. I just pull the cartridge out and put a few drops on the tits that go up into the bottom of the cartridges. Alcohol works too, but the cleaning fluid works better.
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