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Error code 2350 corrupt

By mebeamerboy ยท 4 replies
Nov 28, 2007
  1. i got this error at the very end of installation of game on the pc has anyone else gotten this and if so does anyone know how to fix it
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Check the game cd or dvd for scratches and dirt.
  3. mebeamerboy

    mebeamerboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its a brand new game

    well i just bought another one today installing right now to see if its any different
  4. DLambie

    DLambie TS Booster Posts: 83


    I bought Need for Speed Prostreet and same prob. with during installation. I just bought the game but I still checked and no dust or no scratches on the CD.

    I know a few others have bought the game returned, etc 4 times - i do not want to go through this hasel. Is there anyway of getting around this?

  5. mahesh47

    mahesh47 TS Rookie

    it's easy, just make sure that you have NTFS file system on the drive in which you have installed windows, it's because fat32 file system cannot read or compress huge rar or .cab files... by the way i was having the same problem, but when i reinstalled my windows using the ntfs file system, nfsps got installed perfectly :)
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