Error loading OS - XP; change BIOS setting?

By naivetech · 4 replies
Jun 23, 2007
  1. All,

    I am trying to install XP on a new 300gb SATA hard drive in my Dell Optiplex GX520 (am replacing an existing hard drive)
    I would like to try the option 1 in the article posted by fuzzylogik

    How do I change the BIOS setting of my machine (Dell Optiplex GX520) --- change the translation method used to access the hard drive from the default setting “Auto” to “Large”

    I can only get to F2 (Setup) or F12 (Boot Menu) during bootup process but I do not see an option to change the translation method.

    Can some one shed light on how I could try doing this?

    thanks in advance
  2. raybay

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    Are you using a full version of Windows XP, Windows XP OEM, or the Dell Recovery CD?
  3. CCT

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  4. naivetech

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    Error loading OS - XP; how to change BIOS setting to large

    1. here is the link

    2. I am installing a full Windows XP with SP2

    3. When I bought the machine a couple of years ago, it had only 40GB hard drive


  5. raybay

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    This WhoCares location is one of the flakiest sites I have seen in years.
    I fully agree with CCT, and we have tested it with a nearly identical Dell Optiplex GX520 here in our shop.
    That Dell works fine with the full SATA drive, unless you have some weird configuration setup.
    We just tried it here in the shop with a 750 GB SATA from Seagate. All it required was an update of the BIOS, and the BIOS is readily available from the Dell support site if you enter it with your Service Tag from the computer.

    You need, at a minimum BIOS 11 (A11GX620.exe) dated 12/05/2006, Serial ATA Utility of 5/15/2006, Chipset update of 007/13/2006, and the URGENT chipset update (23 MB) of January 29, 2007.
    I would install all the updates that have been published since the date of the computer build, and you can get that from the Configuration choice at the website.
    This is not rocket science, but rather just normal computer maintenance. Once you get all these updates downloaded and installed, you should be able to install at least a 750 GB hard drive with no trouble, because we just did it.

    Good luck.
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