Error Message: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system

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Jun 6, 2009
  1. Greetings all, first post.

    I have a HP dv9000 notebook. 2 150 gig hd's. I am trying to install xp pro and i get the message listed above. I have ensured both hd's are connected and partition magic is able to detect and format both however I desire. I have tried logical and primary partitions and both fat32 and ntfs. Not sure if that last step was relevant, but I am kinda a novice. I also pulled the cmos battery for a while and tried again. I am left to post this with my mac :( Any ideas?

    Edit: while waiting for a response I meandered my way through another forum suggesting it is that I do not have my hd set to sata if that makes sense. Everyones suggestion was to go into the setup and change them to sata instead of raid. The original solution posted was made by a fellow said to use the phoenix bios which it looks like I am using and said that he was able to change it in there but I do not have that option anywhere.
  2. mailpup

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    Did you install the SATA drivers by pressing F6 at the beginning of Windows Setup? Of course, for the F6 procedure to work you need a floppy drive.
  3. LookinAround

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    see this link and (btw) if need be you can probably buy a USB floppy for about $30-$35USD. If you can boot from USB the cost may be well worth the extra steps you'll otherwise require
  4. raybay

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    Your DV9000 laptop has TWO hard drives?

    Tell us more from the label on the bottom of the laptop. There are at least 116 models of the HP DV9000, and each one has about 30 downloads... including BIOS updates and other such stuff.
    It usually does not have any trouble detecting drives or with SATA drives. HP started making the DV9000 in 2006, but most were made in 2007... there should be no anomalies.

    If you have two hard drives, I would remove one and see how things go with the other... then if you have the second drive, try that if the first one does not work.

    I suspect your hard drive is dead or not connected properly.
  5. lindyloo

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    Hi I was having the same problem on the same laptop. Go into the BIOS by pressing F10. Go along to system configuration using the arrow keys. Disable the SATA and then it works. Not sure whether I will need to enable the SATA afterwards....
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