Error Message: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system

I wanted to install Windows 8 in My Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop. When I started Windows 8 Setup, Hard Disk Drives were shown and I formatted the C Drive and selected the same for that Windows 8 to install in but I don't know for which reason Windows 8 didnot installed completely. Windows 8 setup copied the files but after restarting an error appeared that Your Computer sidnot started Properly. Now when I try to install the Windows again then at the time of selection of Drive, it shows that "No Disk Drives Found".
While I have checked My Hard Drive with "Paragon Partition Manager", Disk Drives are visible there and I can format the Drives as well as browse the Data of my Drives But in that Software all my Disk Drives are visible as INACTIVE. Now, when I insert Windows 7 DVD an error appears which shows that WINDOWS CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH DEVICE CONNECTED TO UR PC. I m unable to Install the Operating System in My Laptop.
AnyBody can Help me???
Just had to say thank you as it saved an old laptop, so that my niece can have something for school. I had given up on till I found this forum.. what a simple fix.


My Dell optiplex 745 was running very slow, I installed a new operating system on it and it was the same old **** ...I then left it unused for some weeks, I one day on it and the problem was still the same .....leaving me with no clue on how to solve this mystery I then opened it and took out the HDD(Hard Drive) it was so dirty I then clean it ,put it aside some where alongside I took the Memory out too clean it with a plain paper and then I insert them back to the computer hoping my computer will be fast now ..unfortunately it led to another problem that is when the computer boot after the dell boot logo then the black screen display with information saying that "floppy diskette failure ,press F1 to continue ,F2 to enter in system setup" when I press f1 it didn't continue . .... I search through alot of site to find a solution to this problem all were to avail ,, I came here and I saw this solution which was more complex....but thank my instinct I was albe to solve the problem with less details from the site ...this what I did
  1. I went to system settings that'x the bios settings by pressing F2 continuously u will find your self there
  2. I went to device drivers
  3. I saw the floppy diskette I then press enter saw a whole lot of information there I then turn the floppy disk off
  4. came back to the device drivers saw the SATA "0" then I opened it saw that it was turn of some how I then turned ot on again
  5. I went back to the device drivers and I move the arrow down key to SATA "1" I turned it on to
  6. I was surprise that they were turned off automatically all the same the problem was solved
  7. I saved what I did and then boot the computer on again and bumm<<:!@# the machine booted to windows ,.....Guys you can try this out if your problem is lyk my own ....