Ethereum miners spent $15 billion on graphics cards in the last 18 months


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So where is nvidia now, when they were lying about not knowing how many GPUs they sold to miners and how much $$$ did they make milking them and not selling to gamers...?

Where are the journalists with integrity demanding nvidia to be transparent and accountable about the **** they say and do? Like "we care about gamers" and then proceed to sell most of their GPUs to miners...

Yeah, AMD is guilty too, but with an 80% market share nvidia trumps the guilt card over AMD by a factor of 4. No to mention AMD never lied or mocked their customers.

But who cares about integrity and professional journalism when it's easier to be their "friend with benefits", right?
How would NVIDIA know what their GPU's are being used to do? Why would they be required to collect that data? Is there a law that requires GPU designers to report how their devices are used?

"No to mention AMD never lied or mocked their customers." How easily you've forgotten history.
During the previous crypto currency crisis AMD promised to work with retailers to lower prices which they failed to do and really had no power to affect. AMD also bundled other hardware with their devices saying they are for gamers, while not letting people choose the items in the bundle or opting out of the bundle and just buying the cards. AMD also advertised prices that were "introductory" for the first run of cards, but they didn't tell anyone until outrage built after MSRP lasted less than 5 seconds. AMD also sold the frontier edition of their video cards for a lot more than they should have then basically replaced those cards with cards costing half or less.
Wow, I thought NVidia's high stock was due to the thriving of AI technology and self-driving cars... did not know bitcoins also contribute a lot... that is why my friend started his business to wholesale used GPUs...