Ethernet connects - disconnects - reconnects

By jobeard
Jun 21, 2008
  1. Symptom: Ballon from System Tray ping-pongs saying
    Cable connected -- cable disconnected -- cable connected
    when it remains attached all the while and other systems have no issues.

    Nic Card: Broadcom NetXtreme gigabit in default settings.

    Lan contains 10/100 mb interface
    (D-Link DSS-5+ - 5 port 10/100 desktop switch )

    use the Broadcom control panel to set the interface back to
    10mb/half duplex, no QoS, no power settings.

    I tried the 10/full duplex and the 100/half duplex as well,
    but only the 10/mb half duplex would retain a reliable connection.

    Apparently the Broadcom is drowing the switch to which it is connected.
    As the entire LAN is 10/100 anyway, this is an acceptable solution.

    The router is too far away to attempt a direct connection, so a switch/hub is necessary for the physical wiring.
    Someday we might try another box, vender, or upgrading the whole lan to gigabit.
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