European Commission plans to prohibit anonymous crypto transfers and wallets


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is that supposed to be a counter-argument? sarcasm just shows that you know it is a problem.

but to answer your comment: no, money doesn't even come close to the issues crypto has right now.
They kill people for money either :D anyway you can't avoid the digitalization


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Who didn't see this coming?
Everyone with an uninformed opinion to this point, and anyone willing to lie to prove an unprovable point. Until now. Just wait until they come along now and try to claim they "knew it all along."

But just like in politics and Capital riots, history can't be conveniently hidden.


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Why am I not surprised the European Commission made the first move. I only wish the US had been. This only means the US Government leaders are profiting more from having Crypto deregulated than regulated. Would be nice if EU proved that One Percenter's control the ups and downs of crypto.