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event warning 1007

By Abraxas
Jul 12, 2003
  1. Another problem I noticed in the Win XP event viewer, this time it's the system tab.
    Each time I log in to the net this warning about DHCP occurs. I won't give you the message cause I have a German version of the OS.
    Basically, it's about the fixed configuration of my IP address through TCP/IP, nothing about the error with the same event number. The fixed IP is in the 169.254.x.xx range .
    It's just a warning, but I'm still a bit worried about it. Is it a security leak?
    My ISP needs DHCP, can't disable it.

    Sometimes the "preparing connection" window takes a while to pop up which can be connected to a DHCP problem I've heard.
  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 613

    Abraxas, how do you connect to the net? Is it dialup or cable or??

    The 169.254 IP address is used by windows when DHCP times out (or windows is being gay..).

    A quick google yielded this link with the same number event warning: It also has several solution suggestions.


    Also see this:


    From what I can tell in the links, the error is a DHCP timeout (like I suspected). The most common suggestion is to check your XP Firewall settings (and any other firewall.) Disable ICS if unneeded (good idea anyway, frankly..)

    Hope this helps some.
  3. Abraxas

    Abraxas TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 155

    Yeah, it's a warning like this one from the second page:
    Event Type: Warning
    > Event Source: Dhcp
    > Event Category: None
    > Event ID: 1007
    > Date: 14/06/2002
    > Time: 7:27:10 AM
    > User: N/A
    > Computer: BD134492-XPH
    > Description:
    > Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the Network
    > Card with network address 00E029301716. The IP address being used is

    I read that the 169.254. range is used for DHCP in general, it should not be connected to any misbehaviour.
    As I said I've just that warning at each login, nothing serious happens as a consequence of this. No timeout for certain.
    But after all I don't need that static IP and I might turn of ICS as well.

    I have DSL running on PPPoE. Direct connection. Only one machine.
    I use only the Sygate Personal Firewall and Windows firewall is disabled.
  4. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 4,909   +8

    That's fine.

    Your machine does not have a static IP assigned for one of its network interfaces (like a network card), and can't find a DHCP server on your network to get an address from, so its just made up its own.

    Nothing to worry about, but good that you are looking into these things.
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