Everything You Need to Know About NFC

By Julio Franco · 30 replies
Apr 22, 2011
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  1. I forgot to mention - my Yamaha also has nfc. It has a chip in the key that acts with the immobiliser so only the chipped key can start the motorcycle.

    So that's 3 nfc devices that I use every day with no issues at all.

    I think the suggestion that there will be one for everything is misleading and dumb. I already have 3 in daily use.
  2. MilwaukeeMike

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    haha, i'll let you know. My point wasn't that this was perfectly safe, i just don't see how it's any worse than the other wireless technologies that already work on my phone. neither do i understand how taking my phone out of my pocket is supposed to be that much easier than taking out my wallet. And until i can carry my driver's license in my phone, i'm bringing my wallet.

    People always freak out about security on new technologies. Technology had absolutely nothing to do with the d-bag who stole my GPS outa my car (in my garage) last month.
  3. My biggest concern is having all your eggs in one basket (for basket read smartphone) The flat battery is just one way of getting stuffed. How many phones get dropped, lost or, worst of all, stolen. If NFC takes off phone theft is likely to become a big issue.

    High quality smartphone security software like that at http://loky.me takes on a much more important role.
  4. Hasbean

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    Why bother with carrying the device. They should implant the chip into a part of your body that regularly make contact, like your ***. As soon as you sit down, caching, $5 debited. When the boss tells you to get your *** outa here. Simply press your posterior against the door handle. When the bank manager tells you you're an asswhole, time to curb the spending spree.
  5. The problem is people don't understand Big Brother until it's too late. All these new technologies feels good to you all now. It's just to help you get comfortable for the RFID chip which will be implemented into your body. Yes, you will be tracked. No, you can't escape. Your government is always finding new ways and laws to take away every bit of freedom you have.

    Once you realize it, you will want to fight back like people did in the '60s and '70s. People are too comfortable now. It will be much easier to control you to the point you can't every fight back, becoming a modern day slave.

    Research the RFID chip, make a true decision on your life.

    9/11 = Unlawful Airport Xray Scanning all in the name of 'Terrorism' propaganda to keep US citizens in fear. Airport Xray Scanning, if the tech existed, wouldn't have ever went down in the '70s. We aren't criminals.....yet


    See how easy people are in today's time to accept such nonsense?:

    Think before you act
  6. its ease of use, increasing convenience rather than enabling something new.............but my question is what is the global method of authentication.......suppose ur nfc device gets stolen.........

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