EVGA Nforce 680i thermal sensors

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Sep 22, 2007
  1. hello i am running a e6400 (not overclocked havent got around to it yet jusst got this board on thursday.and speed fan reports my proccesor is 40c which is very hard to belive.because i have my proccesor liquid cooled also how the proccesor be 40c when the thermal sensors for the cores inside the processor are only 30c.correct me if im wrong but i think the sensors on the board are incorrect i rather trust the intel sensors inside the prccesor also on my old Gigabyte 965p-dq6 my cpu heat reading was always cooler than the cores so could it possibly be that my proccesor is colder than the cores on my proccesor?
  2. Tmagic650

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    So are there any updates to this question? What have you found out so far?
  3. Computer~freak~

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    there are no updates ive searched the internet and only have found the same problem im getting all i know is that its a flaw with the thermal sensors on the 680i board. i guess im just gona buy an aftermarket device that displays the temp and ill put it in the front of my case.But i must say i am a bit disapointed with no one here a techspot helping me out ussualy u guys acctualy giv me at least sugestions but all i saw was the number of views go up and no posts....
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    Is that figure correct (E6400 3.6 ghz)? You stated that you have not been over clocking yet. If this is not an error, your E6400 would be hot running at that speed.
  5. Computer~freak~

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    oops i frogot to change that its not @ 3.6 anymore as u see thats on my old mother board i know have a evga not a gigabyte
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