EVGA unveils water cooled GeForce GTX 480 and 470

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Apr 1, 2010
  1. Mikymjr

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    And let's be honest here. Unless the ones who tested these cards posted at what kind off room-temps they were working with, at rather not look at the temps that were posted. At load liquid cooled temps are 49 degrees celcius? I just can't put it trough my mind; unless the room-temps were 20 degrees celcius or less. I'd like to say that in other countries we rely on saving energy even if it means killing the A/C. That means we work at room-temps ranging from 26-35 degrees celcius. I myself don't like my card going higher then max 65 degrees celcius under load and play games ranging from warcraft to crysis at room-temps of 27 to 35 degrees celcius without A/C. Did Nvidia think about other countries where it gets hot at room-temps?
  2. Mikymjr

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    So if there was ever a time for it i'd like temps generated lower, Power-draw lower, and performance higher ranging from 30+ percentage. I'm an AMD/ATi fan and sometimes use NVidia or buy it for others. The GTX480 card looks nice but it just doesn't deliver what was to be expected (i'd rather buy a liquid cooled ATi Radeon 5870 or even 5970 with that money or a bit more and clock the hell out of it.)
  3. Come on. big deal. Global warming hoax is over. Global Cooling is the new hip

    And with Global Cooling, what do you want: an useless spaceheater between your legs to get warm or a spaceheater that actually is also the fastest GPU on the block?

    May be you should prepare to buy 2 of those monsters and setup in SLI since a typical space heater uses 1500W and those 480 suckers only give 300W of heat.
  4. ....You don't use Water , You use Coolant , like in a Car Radiator , like "Prestone" (but "Thinner ,that's a small Pump) ....Takes Longer to Warm up than Water and has a higher boiling point....
  5. ... I have a Cheap Cooler for gaming , keeps my video card , ram and cpu cool ......and Budweiser too!.... It's called a Beer Fridge! ...Computer on the top ,Bud on the Bottom!!!....lol!...
  6. Glorified Coffeemaker, with optional dual slot toaster. suddenly i want this...
  7. Is SLI required for the waffle feature?
  8. I am amazed at the naivety and fanboy comments made so far on this thread!
    I don't give a crap about ATI or Nvidea, but about who creates the best
    gaming solution for an immersive gaming experience I seek.
    I work in a computer hardware store and grabbed 2 of these right away!
    next week im setting it up, woot! full watercooling sli setup!
    gonna set me back around 4500 aud for the full set up...
    now I dont have alot of money but I save and dont waist it,
    I personally think its not a waist, but say that to my girlfriend lol
    Will post the results here when I get the whole system running

    the acer GD245HQ full 3d 24" just arrived in australia
    I will start with one initially then move to the full 3, 3d monitor set up!
    I could probably buy a car for that price but who cares I love computer gaming and Im willing to pay top dollar. Here in australia 3d is starting to make big time! world cup in 3d streamed live
    GO AUSTRALIA! This card has great overclocking potential and the temps are great from what I seen so far it looks as though Im gonna be doing some serious gaming if full HD 3d surround
    when starcraft 2 comes out bo ya bitches lol Since sterioscopic 3d can really damage the fps on todays games why not provide a solution that is playable and immersive!

    sorry guys but who the hell cares about this gpu war crap I see it all day and at work.
    You know what people are doing when they are saying one company or one card is
    better than another is trying to justify a purchase made or a future purchase.... grow up guys.
    Lets hear about what people want to do with there card and the experience they seek instead of this childish my ***** bigger and better than yours! i mean cmon guys this is about playing games remember :)

    current system:
    4870x2 ati saphire
    gigabyte ga-ep45
    4gb kingston hyper x 1066
    1tb WD
    620watt corsair atx
    cost me around $3000 aud 2 years ago

    served me well but its time to upgrade
    loved the ati for dx10
    time to move to nvidea dx11 and stereo 3d woot

    480gtx evga ftw watercooled x2 sli
    UD7 gigabyte board
    i7 930 Overclocked of course
    6 gb corsair dominator ram
    30 gb kingston ssd (OS)
    320 gb velociraptor
    1000watt corsair atx
    3x acer gd245hq hd 3d ready monitors

    peace guys feel the love!
  9. Okay, I bow down to the men in this thread. I am your typical girl who knows nothing about computers other than how to check my email and post a new pic on Facebook. With that said, I need your help.
    I want a "gaming" computer". Like most, I want the most bang for the buck. I never want the lag monster to ever rear it's ugly little head on my computer again. For once, while fighting monsters with my guild, I want them not to have to stop and wait for me to catch up. Sooooo...what are the most important components for me to look for and what are the names and models of said parts?
    I have no intention of loading down this pc with other programs, strictly games.
    Is there a reason why some go with desktop while others prefer laptop in the gaming world?
    I may have to go with a Dell, because I have a credit card with them. Please help me. And if you could speak in blond girl terms, I would be very grateful. Thank you! Hugs all around!
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