Excel macro writing

By Jeffer
May 10, 2006
  1. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to get excel to scan a column of Dates and insert a row where there is missing data. I am new to macros and have recorded some and ran them successfully; however, I can not figure out how to incorporate a logic formula or statement into the macro. Any tips. Cheers
  2. AnalystTechy

    AnalystTechy TS Rookie

    Here are a few tips for prospective excel macro users who want to develop their skills further from just simply recording a macro.

    1. Once you have recorded your macro, go back to the macro and click on edit.
    2. More than likely you will have to create a variable to manipulate your macro. Type DIM demand as integer or DIM fan as string.
    3. You will have to create cursors to keep track of where the program is to insert into.
    4. If performing complex column and row manipulations such as inserting rows, you will have to learn R1C1 notation e.g. A3 is R3C1. Its easier to manipulate 2 sets of numbers than one alpha and one numeric.

    Summary: Learn Visual Basic, creating variables, object oriented design programming and basic maths.
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