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Mar 15, 2005
  1. I Would Like To Convert An Excel Row Of Data Which Runs Across To An Excel Column Which Runs Down Is There A Way I Can Do This??
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    First off, stop using capitals at the beginning of each word, makes for very awkward reading.

    See Also

    Returns a vertical range of cells as a horizontal range, or vice versa. TRANSPOSE must be entered as an array formula in a range that has the same number of rows and columns, respectively, as array has columns and rows. Use TRANSPOSE to shift the vertical and horizontal orientation of an array on a worksheet. For example, some functions, such as LINEST, return horizontal arrays. LINEST returns a horizontal array of the slope and Y-intercept for a line. The following formula returns a vertical array of the slope and Y-intercept from LINEST:



    Array is an array or range of cells on a worksheet that you want to transpose. The transpose of an array is created by using the first row of the array as the first column of the new array, the second row of the array as the second column of the new array, and so on.


    Suppose A1:C1 contain 1, 2, 3, respectively. When the following formula is entered as an array into cells A3:A5:

    TRANSPOSE($A$1:$C$1) equals the same respective values in A3:A5
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