Exchange 2007 "The bookmark is not Valid"

By gtppopzz
May 20, 2008
  1. I have done more research on this topic than a person should ever do but I cannot for the life of me find a solution. So here goes a shot to all of you.

    I have an exchange 2007 server which was at one time working perfect ran for three weeks with out any issues then one day we had a hardware problem with our server and it caused exchange to get what I like to call fu-bared. So I have installed and un-installed exchange three or four times and had Microsoft on the phone even trying to help me, let me tell you their admin team is awesome... oh wait no I knew as much as them and I am a beginner to exchange 2007. Well with out their help I was finally able to get it re-installed and get my old database restored so I can access it but......

    Here is the problem I can access the database and my exchange server through OWA with out a problem look at email I could forward and even receive if I had a send connector set up and my mx records changed back to my local server but I do not. But I cannot on the other hand access my exchange server though outlook or any other client. I get this great error upon trying to connect to the exchange server. "The bookmark is not valid" Now I have done a lot of research on this and some suggest simply restarting the AD server will fix this issue which I have tried and yet still the email clients will not connect. I also read that installing MDAC v2.8 will solve the issue as some said from what they found on experts exchange. This also did not fix my problem.

    I do believe this is related to and Active Directory problem or perhaps a exchange to active directory permissions issue. I also think it might be related to my GAL and Off line address book because the nice folks at Microsoft had me delete those during the time they were trying to help me in order to try and fix my problem which I eventually fixed myself and they just continually made worse. So I don't know if there are any exchange/AD 2007 on a Server 2003 AD experts out there or not that could lend me a hand but it would be great if there were! Thanks in advance!
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    What are you doing to troubleshoot your suspected areas?
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