Experiencing a persistant problem with Raxco's PerfectDisk Software...help??

By torrenter
Jul 3, 2007
  1. I can't seem to reduce the "Free space inside the MFT Reserved Zone."

    Below is an extract from the User's Guide:

    Master File Table Reserved Zone - The MFT reserved zone is free space reserved by Windows after the Master File Table to allow the MFT to grow without fragmenting. Windows attempts to reserve 12.5% of the disk for your reserved zone. PerfectDisk's offline defragmentation will attempt to shrink the reserved zone to between 50 and 500MB. If it drops below 50MB, PerfectDisk will grow it to 500MB, and wait for it to fill up again. This allows you more room for your data files.
    On Windows 2000, a defragmenter cannot move files into the reserved zone during an online defragmentation
    pass. It is allowed on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

    I was able to reduce it significantly in the past, but that was before I restored my PC to factory-shipped condition, and also when it had a huge amount of data files (music mainly), stored on it.
    The "Free space inside the MFT Reserved Zone" won't budge and still occupies 12% of the partition (29165.2MB). Or, 28.48GB (29165.2/1024).

    Has anyone else used this program other than me who could tell me if I'm missing anything here?

    I get the feeling that I'm going to have to wait until my hard disk fills up a lot more, before I can reduce this area allocated on my hard disk.
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