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Sep 9, 2007
  1. everytime i try to delete a folder or even just randomly explorer.exe crashes and needs to be restarted, also my computer is being challenged in the simplest thing for example it takes about 30 seconds to a minute to delete a file that is only 1kb it just freezes on the delete screen this just started happing about 4 days ago so any help would be nice :)

    im running vista ultimate and i have already reinstalled it once to try to fix this
  2. Daveskater

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  3. Po`Girl

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    Something has put an entry in your right click menu that is
    causing explorer to crash.

    It`s usually the last program you installed.

    Often video card drivers,but could be anything.

    You can either -

    1.Uninstall the last program you installed.

    2.Download ContextMenu Manager to disable the entry,

    or go nuclear and download ShellexView - tutorial HERE
  4. taylub

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    this thing keeps poping up saying that index is off and that its slowing my computer down but i cant seem to turn it on any thoughts on that?

    htj log attached all av/as found nothing

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    What is the exact error message ? If it`s referring to the Indexing Service

    that certainly won`t speed your computer up.

    Is this a new problem after your right click issue ?

    Your HJT is mostly full of security software :eek:

    Just go back to basics - Firewall/AV/Common sense

    Strip out most of the realtime monitoring stuff.

    That causes all sorts of freezes.
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    I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but I think that's your problem right there.

    Get an xp disc (not media center) and install that, I'm sure you could find it easily with some sort of p2p or torrent program.
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    Techspot does not recommend this. :rolleyes:

    What are your system specs,anyway ?
  8. WinDos

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    I knew I'd get reprimanded for recommending those kinds of methods, but it's a solution that'll work at least 95% of the time. Perhaps a PM would've been a better way to convey the info.
  9. taylub

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    Pd 3.73ghz
    4gb ram
    7900gtx (2) sli
    physx car :)

    windos, iv been using vista since the first week it came out and it has never done this until now so i dont think it has to do with that

    Po girl i did your steps and noticed no difference however i didnt try the graphics yet so ill go un/reinstall the drivers and post results
  10. Po`Girl

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    I think you misunderstood my comments about the video drivers.

    The usual problem is when you install these drivers,they add things to
    the right click menu that causes a crash.

    Unless you have recently installed the drivers,this is unlikely to be the case

    Do you have videos in any of the folders that cause the crash,by any chance ?
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