Software Explorer.exe high CPU usage, probably not malware


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Just to leave it clear, I'll leave the description of each infection here:
(I used BitDefender Rescue CD that uses ubuntu environment)

audioses.dll is infected with Gen:Application.Heur2.WdW@baaaaaaab

then there is other 4
couple of old emails with Gen:Trojan.Downloader.imGfaWU4Xef and Gen:Trojan.Heur.DP.bmGfaq!l@U (files: 'elvispresley0027674.avi' and '')

avast's 'gvma64.dat' with Gen:Trojan.Heur.Tp.bmW@bCZc7ih
qbittorrent.exe with Gen:Variant.Jaik.14304


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I believe the problem is gone. Explorer.exe's level are at normal levels.
Apparently neither Malwarebytes, nor SuperAntiSpyware could identify the malware with OS still running.

Thank you all for helping me.

I believe the thread should be moved to Malware and Trojan.

Greetings from Brazil ;)


Hi. I personally think you will be just fine. If you think that you need @Broni to check you out, I would open another thread in the malware section. He has lots of experience.
Greetings from Oklahoma;)


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Had the same problem. Constant usage of Internet Explorer around 16%. Tried the Bitdefender rescue CD but would not boot on my laptop.
Used then MalwareBytes Free 3.7.1, which found some malware and is sorted now.
A list of the items in quarantine now.
Greeting from UK
(Warm welcome and thank you for the help from my brother in Brasil from a Portuguese :) )
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