Explorer.exe startup/slow loading problem!

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Jan 26, 2008
  1. I have formatted my computer and reinstalled Vista Home Premium, and as far as I know I've done it correctly. But anyway everytime I now logon I have to press 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' and then open Task Manager, and run a new task 'explorer.exe' and everything is 'hunky dory'. Although its become tedious and am wondering why it keeps doing this, also I've noticed that it takes quite a bit longer to logon than it did before. I have posted a thread related to the same problem before and recieved quick, helpful replies advising me to check certain registry keys via regedit to see if anything was blocking explorer.exe from running.

    Although don't avoid posting info. on registry keys, if you have anything that may help or I should check about registry keys please post, I may have missed something :p .

    Thanks, all help is appreciated,
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    Hi there,

    i have seen this before and what i did to fix it was the following.

    click start, hit run and type regedit.

    Navigate to the following HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    The little key 8th one from the bottom should be "Shell"

    Double click it and in the value date it should say Explorer.exe if it doesn't then type that in there. Hit Ok and restarted your machine.

    Let me know the outcome.

  3. British_Command

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    Thanks for the help,
    I just looked at the key and it says 'Explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS\Config\lsass.exe'
    I'm sure I have deleted the 'C:\WINDOWS\Config\lsass.exe' i think before but I don't think it made a difference but I can double check.

    Thanks I'll try deleting it and seeing the outcome.
  4. British_Command

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    Works Now! woo!Thanks!
  5. grimesy69

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  6. mscrx

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    just what I/we told you in the other thread... but good to see it works!
  7. MrWiL

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    Does this work for Windows XP Professional because i've tried to go down to the 8th one from the bottom and it says explorer.exe already. I've recently formatted and all i installed are the drivers, videocard, motherboard and Call of duty 4. I've restarted and it does the same thing i dont see anything on the destop and i have to do what he said "Ctrl + Alt + del" and end explorer then New Task and type in Explorer before all my destop Icon load. When that happens there are things that i cant play like for example Warcraft 3 i put the CD into my cd-rom and it still ask me to put in the CD. i dont know if that has to do with anything with Explorer.exe but in another website i read that it does affect it.
  8. MrWiL

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    Can someone help me with this problem!
  9. British_Command

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    Yeah you did MScrx, I deleted the key binary data that wasn't relevant and it didn't make a difference until I tried the second time, must of some how not applied it ??? <---- n00b :p
  10. mscrx

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    no problem, important is that it worked and you problem is solved!
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