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explorer problem

By dhcdhcdhc ยท 6 replies
Oct 20, 2004
  1. I have a strange problem. Xp-prof will boot, but explorer.exe will
    always say it will not initizalize properly, and then sit there...
    I can always ctrl-alt-del and reboot, and also do a new task and run
    command prompts, some appz, but never browse directories or drives.

    I have tried replacing the shell with litestep, copying over another copy of
    explorer.exe over the network from another good xp computer.
    also possibly a problem with browseui.dll, but not recently.
    it seems exclusively related to explorer.exe being corrupt !!

    what gives, can't get into xp-prof, is it dead ? reinstall ? sp2 has been done !
    this machine is also a dual-boot, and will work perfectly in 98se
    if selected upon reboot.

    thanks in advance for any info.
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Was there something happening when this occurred , eg loading software ,update?
    Explorer is a critical shell program.A format and re-install would be my answer .
  3. dhcdhcdhc

    dhcdhcdhc TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I was running an internet explorer window with hotmail
    explorer crashed a couple of time in a row, taking down
    the desktop with it, and then came back up,
    and then not at all.

    what files are associated with explorer.exe and its operations
    maybe I could copy them from a working xp installation ?

    this system is 3 7200 rpm drives on pata - 100
    athlon xp-barton-2800+ - asus a78nx at 166mhz
    1 512 mb ram ddr - 3200 module
    geforce 2 - 440 mx agp card
    delta 1010 audio card
    dvd - liteon 812- dvd+-rw drive
    midisport usb 8x8
  4. Technel

    Technel TS Rookie Posts: 24


    - From LiUtilities

    Now, back to your problem:

    Do you have a Windows restore point set? If so, perhaps you could bounce back to that? I'm not sure, I am not very familiar with that system because I have never used it before (just an idea).

    This is something I read about: Spyware created a new explorer.exe on a person's computer and disabled the old one. Do you have two explorer.exes?

    Also, I would suggest that you put your Windows XP disc in the drive, boot from that on startup, and go to "Repair" and see if it can repair any corrupted or damaged system files.

    Last, this post contains information on repairing Windows XP when you cannot boot it.

    Hope that helps,

  5. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    I am not sure from your posts if you are saying "Internet Explorer" is crashing or" Explorer " is crashing. If it is the former I have re-installed "Internet Exporer right on top of Windows you can get it seperately in a download from Microsoft just follow their instructions.If it is the latter I would do a clean install of Windows.
  6. Balaji

    Balaji TS Rookie

    Repairing is not solution for explorer.exe error.....

    I was facing here 2 errors.

    1) "Explorer.exe- Application error" in 3 Windows 2000 clients. After pressing OK,
    2) One more message came, it shows "An error occurred in Internet explore, Internet Explorer will close now",
    After Pressing Ok All windows Explores closed.

    I tried following stuff

    1) Installed all windows patches and Win-SP4
    2) Daily Updating Virus scanner
    3) Removed all Spy wares and Add wares
    4) Reinstalled IE6, IE6 SP1 and its patches
    5) Restored all "ie.*" Files and MSHTML.DLL file and done Repair win2000 also.

    But problem not fixed.

    I used "PC BUG DOCTOR", "system mechanic 4.0 and Tune-Utilities 2004 also. It's not removing that error.

    I attached that screen shots for your Reference. Can you please help me?
    I have one solution. Formatting and re-installation, But I want to solve this problem without formatting.

  7. dhcdhcdhc

    dhcdhcdhc TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I have powerquest driveimage, and have a 8 cd image
    of my whole xp-prof setup that works perfectly

    I simply restored to that. It was only the explorer.exe
    that would not load, perhaps corrupt from spyware, virus ?
    or perhaps just corrupt from too much various programs
    installed and uninstalled and crashing, and an unstable xp !

    Problem was fixed for me, by going back to my driveimage
    which by the way is sp1, perhaps sp2 has no longevity to it ?

    sp2 seems to have many new features, but my speed in sp1
    is amazing is comparasion, others, you mileage may vary
    later, thank to members of the forum....peace...
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