External Hard Disk Malfunction

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Jul 3, 2006
  1. I just bought a new external hard disk a few weeks ago, a Samsung 80gb one. It was working fine until a few days ago. I plugged it in as usual and added some files to it and cleared the recycle bin. About 20 minutes later I plugged it in again and this message appeared: "USB Device Not Recognised: One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message." I tried the troubleshooting thing but it didn't help. Nothing appears under disk management. In device manager, it appears as unknown device and says that no drivers are installed for the device. When I tried it out again a few hours later it worked well again. But a few days later until now, the same thing happened everytime I plugged it in, either that or nothing happens at all. Is there any way I could solve the problem? I'm sure sure I did not bump it or anything. Thanks for the help!
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    First, do you have this plugged in directly to the USB ports on the motherboard ( back of computer) or thru a hub? many external drives must be plugged in directly tot he motherboard rear USB ports to work correctly.

    if it is plugged in directly to the mobo then you need to determine if the Device is at fault or your system is. try the device on another computer if it works with no problem then you know your system is the problem. if it doesnt work then Return the device for a refund or replacement.

    If it si the system that is the problem the most likely cuplrit's are 1. the usb controler hub is defectivee or going bad. 2. YOur PSU has unstable voltages and the fluctuations are causing the problem. Check your voltages with a program like SpeedFan. pay particular attention to the +3.3 Volt rail.
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    I tried plugging it into the back of the computer but it still doesn't work. ='( When I tried it on my laptop it didn't work either. Seems like the only way to get it fixed is to send it back unless other people have other solutions. Thanks so much for your help though!
  4. iss

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    it sounds like you have a defective device, send it back for replacement or refund.
  5. xThe-Onex

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    Please help

    I have the exact same problem with my WD2500XMS-00 device, did you really had to return it?
  6. LookinAround

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    xThe-Onex: i just noticed you resurrected a 2 year old thread!

    But as you asked your question, i'll answer here :)

    If still within warranty period, you're not sure about the device and still and you have the option of sending back, it may be the safest choice.

    But if i can't or just want to try, there are a couple other things

    1. First and foremost i assume you already tried plugging directly into computer and not thru a hub

    2. Do you usually plug the device in will powered-on? Uninstall the unknown device. Drive should be powered down before plugging in usb cable. THEN power on

    3. you can also unplug all USB devices, then uninstall all the USB controllers via Device Manager, then in Device Manager click Action->Scan for hardware changes and the USB controller drivers will reinstall. Try the drive again per step #3

    btw.. i'm assuming you're xp or vista?
  7. xThe-Onex

    xThe-Onex TS Rookie

    that was quick! but no success

    Hey! thank for the quick answer, an to answer your questions:
    1.- I prefer to try to save my info... and yes, I tried to connect it to my mobo directly.
    2.- The drive is power off before plug it in, and then it powers on.
    3.- I already try this last night and it didn't worked :'(, any suggestions?

    I'm using my PC, OS: win tiny XP SP3, Ram: 1Gb, Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, USB port V 1.0.
    my drive is a WD2500XMS-00.

    please... help... =( -_-
  8. LookinAround

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    I had a coupla more "out there' thoughts like maybe buying a new hard drive enclosure. See if s the drive or the enclosure.

    But first, do you still have the option to return it? if you do, RUN don;t walk to get it returned in time. i tried a quick google to see if might be a known, common issue and if any fixes....

    well seems like it is pretty well known (and all lthe post dates are in 2008) doesn't seem to have a very good track record :( sorry
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