External hard drive not showing up on my PC

Today, my external hard drive has not appeared on my PC. It did work before I went to sleep yet when I began my PC in the next morning, it didn't show. Can you please help me how to fix this?
Hello there,

There are a lot of different reasons for an HDD to stop showing. A few things you can try are:

Try using a different USB cable, make sure it is as short as the original one, or even shorter. This is important it terms of providing enough power for the drive to function properly.

Try connecting it to different USB ports.

Try connecting it to a different PC.

Sometimes the drive can misbehave due to insufficient power even if it appears to be spinning make sure you connect the HDD directly to the USB port and not through a USB hub.

Check if you can see the HDD in Windows Device Manager and in Disk Management. Good luck.



I have a macbook air. But my external HD is not showing up on my utilities or disk utilities. When I use the external HD to other windows PC, it it recognised there and can use it with ease. Is there any way that my macbook air can recognize my external HD?
What file system is the drive using? If it's formatted in NTFS you need to reformat it to a different file system such as exFAT so that your MacBook can read it. Just make sure to backup your data first as reformatting will erase all your data. Good luck.